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 Text to the lectures   download    (includes  reference to HPSim download,  help to HPSim)
 Programs to IP tasks  download   (in Excel)

  HPSim can be downloaded here   winpesim
      or  here:  HPSim  and the help is here  HPSimHelp

 Scilab programs download ;      Basic help to SciLab  download

 Questions for orientation in the topic   -  will be specified  later
 Examples for examination (home test) -  will be specified  later

Lecture The main topic of the lecture Items mentioned in the lecture
1 Introduction random variable, random process, models of randon processes
2 Models of the queue theory Poisson process, model of the birth process, model of a constraqint queue, model of possibly infinite queue
3 Models of the graph theory elements of the graph theory, detection of cycles in the oriented graph,  CPM
4 Models of linear optimization basic tasks of linear probramming
5 Models of combinatorial optimization selected tasks from integer programming