S t a t i s t i c s

       for English speaking students


Textbook - concise text for learning      a v češtině  Skripta

Nonparametric tests - supplement to textbook

Stat Book - very detailed text (only for consulting special topics)


Examples from probability

Examples from statistics  (for excercises)   a totéž v češtině  Příklady ze statistiky


Help  to Statistical functions

Statistical functions - necessary for running statistics in Scilab

Tests of hypotheses – overwiew of tests with examples


Introduction to Scilab  - initial help for manipulation with Scilab

SciCommands – basic keywords and commands in Scilab

Instructions  for installation of Statistical functions


Nonparametric tests and ANOVA


Home test

test  and  stData.txt   !!! The example 9 from the Home test is CANCELED !!!



More examples  for practising work in Scilab


Examples to important distributions


Solutions to all examples   (to be used only in case of total confusion – not before 😊 )