S t a t i s t i c s

       for English speaking students


Textbook - concise text for learning

Nonparametric tests - supplement to textbook

Stat Book - very detailed text (only for consulting special topics)


Examples from probability

Examples from statistics  (for excercises)


Help  to statistical functions

Statistical functions - necessary for running statistics in Scilab

Instructions: Download the file func.zip from Statistical functions reference above.

n  Double click on the downloaded file and select the directory  func

n  Copy it to clipboard  Ctrl C

n  Go to your working directory (e.g. Current directory) and press Ctrl V to paste the directory func there.


Home test

test  and  stData.txt


Introduction to Scilab  - initial help for manipulation with Scilab

Help to statistic functions - basic description of statistical functions


Preparations for lectures

Preparations for exercises


Example 18

Example 19