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Information for Freshers academic year 2021-2022


1) Academic Calendar

The course of the academic year is governed by a schedule, which is announced for each academic year. The time schedule contains the dates of beginning and end of the teaching period and examination period in winter and summer semesters, periods for enrolling students in winter and summer semesters, holidays, as well as dates of state final exams, entrance exams, completion dates of all previous semesters or deadlines for checking study results and periods for selection procedures for projects and other academic activities specific to FTS.

Academic calendar for the current academic year can be found here.

2) Teaching in the Winter Semester 2021-2022

Teaching in the winter semester of the academic year 2021/2022 will begin on September 20, 2021. Teaching takes place according to the schedule of individual study groups.

COVID-19 Restrictions: It is expected that the Winter Semester 2021/2022 will take place in standard contact form. However, for current information, see the Faculty's website.

3) Orientation Week

During this week, international students are introduced to the CTU educational system and obtain important information for their stay in the Czech Republic. Study at CTU Team and International Student Club (ISC) will offer a fun program and parties and help students to get accustomed to their new surroundings and make new international and local friends in the process. News students shouldn’t miss this great opportunity! For more information see Study at CTU Facebook page.

4) Timetable

You can find the teaching schedule and division into study groups after 16 September 2021 on the Faculty's website:

You can find out the number of the study group to which you are assigned to after logging in to the KOS study information system.

5) Matriculation

Matriculation is one of the academic ceremonies of the faculty, during which new students are ceremoniously admitted to the academic community and at the same time teaching begins in the new academic year. The ceremony is traditionally held in the Bethlehem Chapel with the participation of representatives of the faculty management and its academic community. As part of matriculation, the promise of faculty students is taken.

Matriculation ceremony is planned on 29. 9. 2021. The Matriculation traditionally takes place in Bethlehem Chapel (Betlémské náměstí 255/4, Prague 1).

6) IT systems at CTU and FTS

IT systems at CTU and FTS course for 1st year students of bachelor´s degree programmes takes place on 20. 9. 2021 – you will find more information about the course on a separate leaflet from the study enrollment folder.

Study system KOS –

7) Visas

Students with EU citizenship do not need student visa.

Students from third countries require a student visa. In order to apply for a student visa, you need a Letter of Acceptance and a Confirmation of Accommodation. A Letter of Acceptance is issued by the Study Department after you meet all entrance requirements. A Confirmation of Accommodation is issued by the owner of your accommodation, i.e. landlord in case of private accommodation, or in the case of CTU dormitories by the Facilities Administration of the Czech Technical University (SÚZ). In some cases, usually for the purpose of entrance examinations, the Study Department can issue an Invitation Letter.


1) Information about study at FTS

An overview of all important information about studying at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences or links to them can be found on the faculty's website in section CURRENT STUDENTS.

Information about IT systems and instructions for their use can be found at

Information about Fire Protection and Occupational Health Safety and Protection can be found at

Information concerning the COVID-19 pandemic can be found in the form of FAQs on website:

2) Study plans

You can find the study plans of individual study programmes here.

3) Study regulations and rules

You can find university-wide legislative documents on

You should especially pay attention to:

  • Statute of the Czech Technical University in Prague
  • Study and examination rules at CTU
  • Rules of Granting Scholarships of CTU

Study at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences is further subjected to the Dean's Directive on the implementation of bachelor's and subsequent master's degree programmes, which can be found at

4) Scholarships

You can find information about the Merit Scholarship at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences here.


1) Student card

CTU Student card (or student card with ISIC licence) is necessary to obain at The CTU Card Office – Bechyňova 3, Prague 6.

See the website for more information:

2) Help for students with special needs

If you request an adjustment of the form of the admission procedure or studies, due to a disability, contact the ELSA Centre. Students who have difficulties which negatively affect their studies as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic can also apply for individual help.

Address: ELSA, Bechyňova 3, 166 36 Prague 6
tel. 224358463; e-mail:

3) Student dormitories and catering

Detailed information on accommodation in student dormitories and meals within the CTU canteens can be found here. Accommodation at the can be arranged through The Facilities Administration of the Czech Technical University (SÚZ) - for more information see their website. Accommodation can be arranged at the SÚZ from the day when the applicant displays the information about admission to study in the application "".


1) Study Department

If you have any questions about your studies at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences, please contact the Study Department.

2) CTU and FTS IT Systems Helpdesk

In case of problems with access to the CTU and CTS information systems, functions of computer classrooms, student cards, etc., contact the FTS network administrator.

You can use the Helpdesk, where you fill in your request and send it to:

Or contact the administrator according to the contacts on the web: