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Project-oriented Study

Academic programme at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences (FTS) provides its students not only with the theoretical knowledge – indispensable for the future experts, but importantly also focuses on application of this knowledge into practical life. Students are exposed to this approach from the very beginning of their studies, ensuring the interface between theory and praxis. Project-oriented study provides the future graduates with an opportunity to take part in solving practical tasks already during the course of their studies. This prepares them for the challenges they will encounter in their professional lives.

Graduates with prior exposure to practical aspects of the field are better positioned to succeed on the job market. The ability to solve project-related tasks is an invaluable experience not only for managerial positions, but also for careers in the public or private sector. Work on a project gives students opportunity to acquire habits of team work, sense of responsibility for own work, as well as an appreciation of the fact that their work contributes to the overall output of the entire team. Ideally, students should work on long-term projects commissioned by external entities and in cooperation with doctoral students, academic and scientific staff.

At the FTS, project-oriented study takes a form of specialized courses for all full-time students in the bachelor or master programmes, with the exception of future professional pilots and majors in Technology of Aviation Maintenance.