Autonomous Robotic Rover

Recently, autonomous vehicles, which are at least partially, capable of driving without driver intervention, are beginning to emerge. The research of these systems is carried out mainly in the USA (Tesla, nVIDIA, Uber, etc.). Given that more than 95% of accidents are caused by human error, it can be assumed that research in the field of autonomous driving systems will become significant in Europe. The construction of a testing polygon in the Czech Republic is already being discussed. In the project, we will continuously follow the trends in autonomous vehicles. The focus of the project will be the research, development and testing of components that are needed to construct a ''self-driving'' model vehicle. We will test the algorithms on a small nVIDIA JetBot - based robotic rover that we build. For example, we will gradually train the vehicle to drive through a specified track, avoid collisions, stop in front of an obstacle, or safely bypass it. Later we will extend the rover with a module that will enable communication with other carts around and transport infrastructure. We will work closely with the Modelling and Control in Traffic Networks project The input for the used artificial intelligence algorithms will be especially the image data from the camera installed on the rover. Knowledge of image processing algorithms that students will acquire within this project will also find application outside of autonomous vehicles. We will use freely available AI framework systems such as Google - Tensorflow or nVIDIA - TensorRT. The advantage to work on the project is at least a basic knowledge of programming or willingness to learn how to program in a simple programming language such as Python.
Department of Applied Mathematics (16111)
Head of project:
Ing. Bohumil Kovář, Ph.D.

BACHELOR’S Degree Programme
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications - B 3710

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11X1TS | czech | ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
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