Announcement of the entrance procedure for the academic year 2020 – 2021

All teachers of the Faculty of Transportation have been carefully preparing for this in the last two weeks and I believe that the change to contactless teaching will take place without any serious complications. Many teachers are already communicating with you, sending you study documents and detailed information. Even a number of lectures and exercises in online mode has already been successfully completed.

Plans for distance teaching of all currently taught subjects have been prepared. Exceptions are several subjects specifically using laboratories or software available only in computer labs. However, even with them the teacher tries to find a suitable solution. Please see the information from your teachers and effectively use your time to continue studying all subjects. Online lessons will be marked in the schedule during the weekend.

Nobody knows how the whole coronavirus situation will continue and how long the current situation will take. Changes in the semester schedule are not planned now. However, in case of prolongation of this situation, the Faculty of Transportation Sciences is ready to take steps to mitigate the negative impacts of the situation and enabling successful completion of all subjects and the whole semester. If the current situation makes it impossible for you to continue with your final theses or other lessons, please inform your supervisor or relevant teachers so that we know about your situation.

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