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Department of Transport Engineering and Transportation Planning

Head:Ing. Martin JACURA, Ph.D.
Deputy Head:Ing. Bc. Petr KUMPOŠT, Ph.D.
roh for Education:Ing. Bc. Dagmar KOČÁRKOVÁ, Ph.D.
roh for Projects:doc. Ing. Kristýna NEUBERGOVÁ, Ph.D.
Secretary: Petra NESLÁDKOVÁ, , DiS.

The Department of Transporting Systems (K612) is the part of the Faculty of Transportation Sciences (with exchanging titles), within The Czech Technical University in Prague, which was founded in 1993. It is situated in the main building of the Faculty near the Bethlehem Chapel in the Old Town in Prague. There are offices, classrooms and a traffic-engineering laboratory for the department needs at the same address.

The Department of Transporting Systems is a profiling department of the study field of Transporting Systems and Technology with all its levels of education. It also provides an education in subjects common to more branches of the study. In all bachelor studies subjects of the whole faculty graduates acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the transport infrastructure of rail and road traffic. Specialized compulsory and optional subjects are focused on construction, projecting, layouting and security of traffic roads for all kinds of transport, as well as on organization and management, on optimal transport service of regions of various sizes, on transport and spatial planning and on relationship between transport and environment. The focus of student projects, which fall into the gestion of the Department of Transporting Systems, covers a wide area of optimalization range and quality of transport infrastructure of railways, urban rails, roads, cycle paths, river ports and airports. There are also student projects focused on cooperation between various transport occupations in passenger and freight transport, environmental aspects of transport, transport impacts on spatial planning, development of settlements and on traffic accidents.

Targets of scientific activities of the Department of Transporting Systems are optimalization of area transport services and transition linkages of public mass transportation, planning and evaluating the effectiveness of intelligent transportation systems, evaluation methods, qualitative and quantitative risk analysis, safety analysis and auditing services in terms of infrastructure. This is further done by tracing liner buildings, traffic calming on roads, traffic modelling, integration of transport systems and the relationship between transport and environment.

The Department of Transporting Systems for both private and public bodies provides census surveys and census of traffic, assessment of speed and structure of road vehicles, concept design and assessment of public transport within a defined territory (including the assessment of vehicles and terminals in terms of connecting links and passenger requirements), assessment of transport measures and structures in terms of environmental impact, noise and vibration measurements in the transportation and the safety audits of roads. Furthermore, it includes a design or assessment of traffic calming on roads, traffic signs, road traffic management and intelligent transport systems and processing of other studies and reports from field of transport systems (including a comprehensive assessment and selection of the optimal design).

The department also holds regular seminars, designed especially for staff and students.

Surname Name, degree
Kučera Tomáš Ing. (external teacher)
Kumpoštová Jana Ing. Bc., Ph.D.
Novotný Václav Ing., Ph.D.
Sosna Luděk Ing., Ph.D.
Surname Name, degree
Čížek Jiří Ing. (full-time studies)
Dostál Roman Ing. (part-time studies)
Dostálová Aneta Ing. (full-time studies)
Götzová Daniela Ing. (full-time studies)
Hudec David Ing. (full-time studies)
Krejčí Jiří Ing. (full-time studies)
Kruntorád Jan Ing. Bc. (part-time studies)
Liutov Denis Ing. (full-time studies)
Richter Petr Ing. (part-time studies)
Táborská Andrea Ing. Mgr. (part-time studies)
Zayats Polina Ing. (full-time studies)
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Address of the Department
Department of Transport Engineering and Transportation Planning
Horská 3
128 03 Praha 2
Post address
CTU in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Department of Transport Engineering and Transportation Planning
Konviktská 20
110 00 Prague

Phone: +420 224 355 087

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