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Laboratory of traffic management and modelling

doc. Ing. Tomáš TICHÝ, Ph.D., MBA
Deputy Head:
doc. Ing. Pavel HRUBEŠ, Ph.D.
Workers at FTS:
Ing. Zuzana BĚLINOVÁ, Ph.D.
Ing. Bc. Vladimír FALTUS, Ph.D.
Ing. Milan KOUKOL, Ph.D.
Ing. Martin LANGR, Ph.D.
prof. Ing. Pavel PŘIBYL, CSc.
Dr. Ing. Jan PŘIKRYL
Ing. Jiří RŮŽIČKA, Ph.D.


photo from the laboratory

The Department of Transport Telematics at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences (Czech Technical University in Prague) deals with the issue of control systems in transportation. The “Laboratory of Traffic Management and Modelling” has a potential to deal with the verification of control systems for the road traffic with help of simulation software like VISSIM, AIMSUN or OmniTrans. The simulation environment allows the traffic analysis itself, and also provides clear 2D- and 3D-visualization, and of course the results are available in data tables for possible further processing or diagram interpretation. The educational and research activities are attempting to find the optimal traffic management models for urban and highway networks. For the ever increasing traffic, there is necessary to find appropriate methods which will be applicable in practice and in collaboration with other organizations and institutes within the Faculty of Transportation Sciences. The Laboratory of traffic management and modelling is equipped with accessories and computers provided by the ELTODO Group Inc. in cooperation with the faculty. The facilities include modern SITRAFFIC C940 intersection traffic controller with the control tableau consisting of LEDs and magnetic detectors, which are used to simulate the traffic demands on each intersection approach. The computers are equipped with the software for traffic modelling, video detection control software, software for loading the control programs into the traffic controller and its testing for different control methods on different types of intersections. The proposals for new control algorithms supported by objectivity of model design with participation of the experts from universities and practical experience of companies can significantly move the sustainability of transport. The workplace will enable the students to participate in activities in the Czech Republic and abroad in the field of Automation and Informatics, in particular within the relatively newly opened study field of “Intelligent Transport Systems” at the faculty. Within the study programmes at the faculty, there is possible to solve the tasks and theses in bachelor, master and doctoral degree of education. Among the first tasks, two grants are provided by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic in case of ALFA support of applied research and experimental development. These are projects "Green Tunnel" and "New Methods for Congested Urban Traffic Management" which will be co-directed by the Faculty of Transportation Sciences of CTU, where the Laboratory of Traffic Management and Modelling will be a responsible solver in cooperation with other organizations. Within the project called “New Methods for Congested Urban Traffic Management”, research is focused on advanced traffic management techniques and their application for traffic management system design. That will bring a smoother passage of vehicles driven through controlled transport network and so the results of the project will contribute to increasing throughput of the transport infrastructure. The reducing congestions will also reduce the environmental burden caused by surface transportation. In a controlled area, the environment will be improved and the negative impacts of transport on human life, vegetation and fauna will be reduced. It can also be assumed that the smoother traffic operation will have a direct impact on road safety enhancement in urban controlled areas. The “Green tunnel” project creates simulators for training of tunnel dispatchers including the simulators of important physical quantities. These simulators lead to test the ability of dispatchers to respond in non-standard situations and ensure consistent awareness of dispatchers also after the comprehensive tunnel tests including improved design of technological tunnel equipment.

Ranked among Excellent Lab of FTS

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