Laboratory of ATM Systems K621

Ing. Stanislav PLENINGER, Ph.D.


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The Laboratory of ATM Systems was established as part of the Department of Air Transport because it was necessary to create a comprehensive platform which would allow the use and development of tools for solving very specific problems related to air traffic control. It was also necessary to establish a research facility where it would be possible to store and work with data and software whose provision and use is subject to strict rules limiting its use only for specific research projects within a limited group of users. The laboratory is focused on conducting research and to support students’ projects in the field of CNS/ATM systems. In particular, the laboratory deals with analyses, processing and subsequent presentation of various kinds and formats of surveillance information acquired by means of various cooperative surveillance systems (SSR mode S, MLAT, ADS-B, etc.) and it is also focused on using this data in air traffic control systems. In order to do so, specific tools have been created to meet the requirements for solving specific problems. The laboratory has its own network of ADS-B receivers spread across the Czech Republic. The laboratory was originally founded in cooperation with the company CS SOFT a. s.; however, nowadays the cooperation has been established with various entities active in this field, for example Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, ERA a. s. and many others.

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128 03 Praha 2, Horská 3

Phone: 224 359 185

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