Air Operations Laboratory K621

doc. Ing. Jakub HOSPODKA, Ph.D.
Workers at FTS:
Ing. Stanislav ABSOLON
Ing. Ladislav CAPOUŠEK, Ph.D.
Dr. Ing. Milan KAMENÍK


photo from the laboratory

The laboratory was established by a contribution from IRP2012 and retrofitted by a contribution of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports Czech republic in 2018. It is currently equipped to simulate all aspects related to the operations of a twin-engine airplane crew. Specifically, the Air Operations Lab contains an Airbus A320 simulator appropriate for advanced training (room A255) and an MEP multiengine airplane simulator (room A234). Individual parts of the laboratory can be used either individually or as a sophisticated simulator of multiple pilot aircraft. Both simulators are equipped in a way enabling instrument flight training as well as MCC training. Modular arrangement of both simulators allows changes to fit the simulated airplane type better.

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Laboratory address
128 03 Praha 2, Horská 3

Phone: 224 355 092

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