Differential and Difference Equations

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Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (B 3710)
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5czechBEZ Security Technologies in Transportation - 3708R047
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2 + 1 hours per week - in full-time study
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credit, exam
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Mgr. Romana Zibnerová
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Mgr. Romana Zibnerová
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Mgr. Romana Zibnerová
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Department of Applied Mathematics (16111)
difference equation, system of difference equations, differential equation, system of differential equations, power series, initial value problem, boundary value problem, orthogonal systems of functions, Fourier series
Difference equations and its systems. Some solvable types of differential equations of the first order. Linear differential equations of the n-th order. Methods for solution of the homogeneous equation, solution of inhomogeneous equation by means of variation of constants. Power series and their use for solution of differential equation. Boundary value problem. Eigennumbers and function for differential equation. Fourier series of function.
Some methods for solving difference and differential equations and its systems. Relationship between the boundary value problem for differential equation and minimum of energy functional.