Telecommunications and Local Area Networks

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Study Programme:
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (B 3710)
semesterlanguagestudy field / specialization
5czechITS Intelligent Transport Systems - 3711R004
Form of Study:
Number of Hours:
3 + 3 hours per week - in full-time study
Type of Course:
Course Completion:
credit, exam
Course Tutor:
roh  Lectures:
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Lokaj, Ph.D.
Ing. Martin Šrotýř, Ph.D.
prof. Ing. Tomáš Zelinka, CSc.
roh  Training Course:
doc. Ing. Zdeněk Lokaj, Ph.D.
Ing. Martin Šrotýř, Ph.D.
prof. Ing. Tomáš Zelinka, CSc.
Supervising Department:
Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation (16114)
Telecommunication networks and services, telecommunications networks architecture, services quality management, performance indicators, telecommunications solutions in ITS.
Introduction of present stage and new trends in telecommunications systems with concentration on ITS applications. Legal conditions for telecommunications services provisioning and applications. Telecommunications key elements applied in hierarchical architecture are introduces and relations between networks elements parameters and performance of the whole telecommunications solutions are explained with concentration on the ITS applications.
Basic orientation in dynamically developing telecommunications systems. Course in concentrated on understanding of relations between technical solutions of hierarchical telecommunications networks and performance indicators used to quantify performance of telecommunications services in context of their integration in the ITS and C-ITS systems.