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Small and Medium Enterprise

Course Code:
Academic Degree:
Study Programme:
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (B 3710)
semesterlanguagestudy field / specialization
5czech flagLOG Logistics and Transport Processes Control - 3708R046
Form of Study:
full-time and part-time
Number of Hours:
2 + 1 hours per week - in full-time study
12 hours per semester - in part-time study
Type of Course:
Course Completion:
credit, exam
Course Tutor:
roh  Lectures:
Ing. Mgr. Václav Baroch, Ph.D.
roh  Training Course:
Ing. Mgr. Václav Baroch, Ph.D.
roh  Part-time Study:
Ing. Alexandra Dvořáčková, Ph.D.
Supervising Department:
Department of Logistics and Management of Transport (16117)
national economy, small business, benefit SMEs, business plan, market analysis, tactics initiation, financial plan, survival of the enterprise, management of SME
Small and medium enterprise - plans, market, analysis, finance, management, decision making, survival, growth.
To acquaint students with the importance of small and medium enterprises in the economy as a basic element of prosperity of the economy, mastering processing business plan as a basic tool for managing innovative projects and understanding that is essential rational determination of cash flows for the successful return on investments.