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Modern Trends in Railway Transport

The project is focused on enhancing knowledge in solving of conception of railway transport and designing railway infrastructure. It is based on teamwork. Team usually works on a selected railway line section, part of a railway network or a railway node. Main task is to design optimal combination of operational conception and railway infrastructure, which is going to transform railway transport in Czech Republic into a modern transport system, so it could became attractive for passenger and freight transport. All of these issues are solved on international, national and regional level, considering railway transport also as a part of integrated transport systems. Project extends to other systems of rail transport (eg. tram-train). Work on the project is divided into three parts: analysis of available source documents, designing of operational conception and railway infrastructure and simplified economic and technological evaluation. Project contains base course of railway software and railway engineering, actual practical examples, and regularly organized excursions.
Department of Transportation Systems (16112)
Head of project:
Ing. Tomáš Javořík, Ph.D.
Ing. Tomáš Konopáč
Ing. Pavel Purkart, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Lukáš Týfa, Ph.D.
Ing. Martin Vachtl

BACHELOR’S Degree Programme
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications - B1041A040001

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12X1MT | czech | DOS (Transportation Systems and Technology)
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MASTER’S Degree Programme
Transportation Systems and Technology - N1041A040003

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12X2MT | czech | DS
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There is no elective courses type B for study.
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