Maps and GIS

Application of GIS-technology to system problems of transportation. Analysis and construction of knowledges in GIS, characteristics of development of defined values in time, projection a prediction in environment of GIS (with tools of GIS), applications in tasks for transportation with backing of tools of system engeneering.
Department of Transport Telematics (16120)
Head of project:
Ing. Jindřich Borka, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Pavel Hrubeš, Ph.D.
Eva Hummelová
doc. Ing. Veronika Vlčková, CSc.
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BACHELOR’S Degree Programme
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications - B 3710

Code | Language | Study field:
20X1GD | czech | DOS (Transportation Systems and Technology)
20X1GS | czech | ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
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