Progressive methods in vehicle design

The project shall make students aware of progressive methods in vehicle development applied in vehicle (generally technical appliances) development. These methods are dedicated to customer need analysis and its application into design (e. g. QFD – Quality Function Deployment), supportive methods in optimalization aimed at cut of material, time, technology, maintanance time ... consumption (e. g. DFA – Design for Assembly, etc.). Furthermore these are methods to foresee possible failures in production stage (e. g. FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, a method to find possible failures and its consequences). Students will work on a specific task aimed at part, assembly or unit design. One or combination of more methods according to the individual circumstances will be used in this stage to cope with the specific requirements. Main focus of the tasks will be road transport vehicles. The focus of the projects will be on driver support and autonomous driving. Verification of results will be done on HMI simulators.
Department of Vehicle Technology (16116)
Head of project:
Ing. Inga Kadlecová
doc. Ing. Jaroslav Machan, CSc.
Ing. Jaromír Tobiška email
Ing. Přemysl Toman

MASTER’S Degree Programme
Transportation Systems and Technology - N1041A040003

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16X2ND | czech | N_DS_CZ_spec (Transportation Systems and Technology)
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