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Aircraft Maintenance

The project deals with the area of aircraft maintenance, both research within the individual systems and components used on aircraft of all categories, and the organisation of maintenance planning and all associated processes. This project is primarily aimed at students who already have experience in the field of aircraft maintenance. The emphasis on this project is on independence, self-initiative and the ability to propose own solutions to aircraft maintenance related problems. The project is primarily aimed at future engineers who would like to find a career in aircraft maintenance. The project will help these people to achieve a higher level of knowledge and experience in aircraft maintenance, which can then be applied in maintenance organisations beyond the position of aircraft maintenance technician. This project is based on the student''''''''s own initiative, who chooses the area of aircraft maintenance he/she would like to pursue in his/her thesis. This project may address topics such as the design and improvement of systems and components, testing their function, exploring new possible materials or manufacturing technologies. It is also possible to focus on other branches of maintenance, such as its organisation, planning, logistics, etc. This project also envisages cooperation with a number of organisations where solutions can be tested or directly integrated into operation. Examples of the engineering approach in aircraft maintenance include the knowledge and application of mathematical models, advanced statistics and algorithms, the use of flexibility and strength, economics, safety or even technical drawing.The project coordinator is Ing. Ondřej Vítovec.
Department of Air Transport (16121)
Head of project:
Ing. Ondřej Sekal
Ing. Kateřina Stuchlíková
Ing. Ondřej Vítovec

MASTER’S Degree Programme
Air Traffic Control and Management - N1041A040010

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