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Department of Mechanics and Materials

Head:prof. Ing. Ondřej JIROUŠEK, Ph.D.
Deputy Head:Ing. Tomáš DOKTOR, Ph.D.
Treasurer:Ing. Jitka ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ, CSc.
Ing. Tomáš DOKTOR, Ph.D.
roh for Education:Ing. Jitka ŘEZNÍČKOVÁ, CSc.
roh for Projects:Ing. Tomáš DOKTOR, Ph.D.
Secretary: Blanka BUDSKÁ

The Department of Mechanics and Materials (DMM) has two main interacting activities:

  • university education in all the three levels: bachelor, master and doctoral
  • research of structures, materials and processes in the transport

DMM guarantees and performs all forms of education in both compulsory and optional subjects on the bachelor, master and doctoral levels of study and in the project-oriented teaching in the fields of study:

  • statics, kinematics and dynamics, theory of elasticity and strength of materials, experimental and computational mechanics, theory of plasticity and failure, fracture mechanics, biomechanics;
  • dynamics of transport routes and vehicles;
  • behaviour and properties of structural and functional materials - classical materials, ceramic materials, composite materials, materials with controlled properties;
  • traffic safety, interaction of system: man - vehicle - route;
  • introduction to rolling stock;
  • technical documentation in the field of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering.

The research focuses on the analysis of deformation processes of structural systems in transport, taking into account different materials and different loading conditions, the investigation of deformation and failure of materials, testing and diagnostics of structures and materials, computational and experimental modeling of mechanical systems and analysis of reliability and service life of structures. There are solved biomechanical problems musculo-skeletal system and its implants and injury biomechanics too.

Both education and research activities are also carried out in the Laboratory of Experimental Mechanics of the Department of Mechanics and Materials. The laboratory is furnished for testing and diagnostics of mechanical behaviour and properties of structures and materials during static and dynamic loading.

Surname Name, degree
Dvořák Radim Ing. et Ing. (full-time studies)
Falta Jan Ing. (part-time studies)
Krčmářová Nela Ing. (part-time studies)
Rada Václav Ing. (part-time studies)
Šidlovský Marko Ing. (full-time studies)
Šimonová Karina Ing. (part-time studies)
Šleichrt Jan Ing. (part-time studies)
Zbirovský Jan Ing. (part-time studies)
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Address of the Department
Department of Mechanics and Materials
Na Florenci 25
110 00 Praha 1
Post address
CTU in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Department of Mechanics and Materials
Konviktská 20
110 00 Prague

Phone: +420 224 358 414, +420 224 890 723, +420 773 756 606

Way to us
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