Laboratory of Human Factor and Automation in Aviation

doc. Ing. Bc. Vladimír SOCHA, Ph.D.
Workers at FTS:
Ing. Stanislav KUŠMÍREK
Ing. Roman MATYÁŠ, Ph.D.
Ing. Michaela KALIVODOVÁ


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The Laboratory of Human Factors and Flight Automation specializes in evaluation and objectivization of human factors in air transport with simultaneous transfer of innovation from the domain into the system of automated control in aviation. The laboratory is primarily focused on evaluation and classification of psychophysiological condition of aviation personnel, such as pilots, air traffic controllers or maintenance workers. For this purpose, the laboratory is furnished with adequate equipment, tools for signal processing and evaluation of measured data.

 In addition, the laboratory deals with development of new tools and software solutions, such as intelligent system for reaction time measurement or simulation system of flight and environmental conditions for determination of UAV flight parameters. Part of the laboratory is also an UAV simulator. The simulator is used to acquire basic habits for UAV control by data link. Phoenix 5 simulator allows training with aircraft, helicopter, quadcopter and other specialized UAV types, whilst offering the option to evaluate and optimize UAV operator training process and the human-machine interface.

 The laboratory cooperates with experts from domestic and foreign universities and institutions. Laboratory members participated in several successfully executed projects, such as “The research of pilots training methods using flight simulators” or “Development of flight simulator prototype and research of its application”. At present, laboratory members deal with project oriented to identification of effective, individual programmes for aircraft pilots/flight crews with respect to stress situations, utilizing simulation means for virtual reality, to improve air traffic safety.

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Phone: 224 355 092

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