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Specialized Centre for Applied Simulation and Visualization

Ing. Ondřej SMÍŠEK
Deputy Head:
Ing. Libor ŽÍDEK
Workers at FTS:
doc. Ing. Stanislav NOVOTNÝ, Ph.D.
Ing. Zdeněk SVATÝ, Ph.D.
Ing. Jan VYČICHL, Ph.D.


The edge-blending technology in combination with professional high-brightness projectors allows connecting two or more projectors next to each other, which creates a double projection space. The resulting displayed space offers more vivid possibilities of presentation; it enhances working with CAD software owing to high levels of detail involved, and improves the possibilities of working with software intended for 3D modelling or graphic editors, which advances the use of projection significantly. The double size of the desktop with a resolution of almost 2 x full HD on an area of seven meters in width gives more space for a detailed display without the necessity of zooming in, together with the whole overview for the audience (students) sitting at about 20 locations in the laboratory.

The laboratory is also equipped with 3D projection for 20 participants, including a complete 3D infrastructure (3D active screen, 3D active glasses, and special high-performance graphics card).

The laboratory offers the possibility of using the latest 3D graphics accelerator specially designed for network applications. It is a high-performance graphics card intended for virtual desktops and 3D applications which enables the use of advanced 3D software and other computer-intensive applications effectively on more than one computer, and to route the output, for instance, to a large projection screen with edge-blending independent of the graphics card used in the target display.

The laboratory offers a variety of options for private and public entities in the field of education and training, visualization, demonstrations and presentations of virtual products, planned constructions, large-scale photographs, plans and drawings, large-sized graphs and many other applications for which the possibility to see and perceive large units with a high degree of detail and the possibility of real 3D visualization are priceless.

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405 02 Děčín 1, Pohraniční 1

Phone: 224 358 404

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