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Laboratory of Telematics for Smart Cities

Ing. Zuzana BĚLINOVÁ, Ph.D.
Workers at FTS:
Ing. Petr BUREŠ, Ph.D.
Ing. Přemysl DERBEK, Ph.D.
Ing. Bc. Vladimír FALTUS, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Pavel HRUBEŠ, Ph.D.
Ing. Martin LANGR, Ph.D.
Ing. Milan SLIACKY, Ph.D.
prof. Dr. Ing. Miroslav SVÍTEK, dr. h. c.
doc. Ing. Tomáš TICHÝ, Ph.D., MBA


The Laboratory of Telematics for Smart Cities follows a long tradition of the Laboratory of Telematics established in 2001. The laboratory respects the current focus of scientific research of the department and at the same time it serves as a unifying element for activities in the field of transport telematics in cities. Simultaneously, it views smart cities from a broader perspective which covers all aspects of life in cities with an emphasis on transportation.

With more and more people moving to the urban agglomerations the issues of smart cities have become highly topical and it is necessary to deal with a wide range of topics, such as traffic control, energy savings and urbanism in order for the living in the city to be both pleasant and sustainable. Transportation is therefore just one of many integral components of the complex issues and that is why it has been included into the research within the Laboratory of Telematics for Smart Cities.

The independent Laboratory for Smart Cities also facilitates cooperation with its partners both at national and international level because Smart Cities is now one of the main topics of many international projects and one of the priorities for the European Union.

The laboratory is intended to be used by the staff of the Department of Transport Telematics, who work on topics and projects within the field of smart cities.

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Laboratory address
110 00 Praha 1, Konviktská 20

Phone: 224 359 547

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