Editorial Office of Neural Network World journal

prof. Ing. Zdeněk VOTRUBA, CSc.
Deputy Head:
prof. Ing. Mirko NOVÁK, DrSc.


Neural Network World is a bimonthly journal providing the latest developments in the field of informatics with attention mainly devoted to the problems of:

  • brain science,
  • theory and applications of neural networks (both artificial and natural),
  • fuzzy-neural systems,
  • methods and applications of evolutionary algorithms,
  • methods of parallel and mass-parallel computing,
  • problems of soft-computing,
  • methods of artificial intelligence.

All manuscripts are subjected to peer-reviews by at least two independent reviewers.

Neural Network World is published in 6 issues per annum by Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Transportation Sciences in co-operation with Technical University in Ostrava, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

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128 03 Praha 2, Horská 3

Phone: 224 359 549

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