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Applied Mathematics

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Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (P 3710)
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czech, english flagD Transportation Systems and Technology - 3708V009
czech, english flagP Air Traffic Control and Management - 3708V017
czech, english flagT Technology and Management in Transportaion and Telecommunications - 3708V024
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full-time and part-time
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v DB je chyba..
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Department of Applied Mathematics (16111)
Descriptive statistics. Probability, conditional probability, Bayes theorem. Random variable, random vector, joint and marginal probability distribution, independence. Some discrete and continuous distributions. Mixed distributions. Finite mixture of distributions. Point estimation. Interval estimation. Hypothesis testing. Regression and correlation analysis. Simple graphs, multigraphs, labeled graph, planar graph, Euler´s formula. Four-color problem. Euler Circuit, Hamilton circuit and directed graphs. Algorithms for finding distances in digraphs - Dijkstra´s algorithm. Weighted graphs, shortest paths and minimal spanning trees. A depth first spanning tree, a breadth first spanning tree. Adjacency matrices. Flows in networks, Ford-Fulkerson´s algorithm.