Advanced Data Processing in Spreadsheets

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Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (B 3710)
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5czechall study fields
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2 + 0 hours per week - in full-time study
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classified credit
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Ing. Jan Mejstřík
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Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation (16114)
Data format, formulas, addressing, functions and nested functions - mathematical, statistical, logical, financial, search, database and time, database work, filters, pivot tables, graphs, macros, data analysis, solver, MS Office, Libre Office.
Students will be familiar with principles of working in a spreadsheet. Graphic layout of the table appearance, formatting of numbers, insertion of formulas and functions, including addressing, error detection. Working with large spreadsheets, filters, advanced filters, database functions. Pivot tables and charts, conditional formatting, solution finding, solver, macros, data analysis. Examples and questions from various companies and training.
Getting to know the possibilities and tools of MS Excel so that students can use it in practice. Functions from all areas (information, error, ...) will be shown, the student will be able to decide on the appropriate use of functions according to the situation, to work with large lists, to graphically present data in graphs and other tools.