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Financing in Urban Mass Transportation

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Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (N 3710)
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8 hours per semester - in part-time study
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classified credit
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Ing. Mgr. Václav Baroch, Ph.D.
Supervising Department:
Department of Logistics and Management of Transport (16117)
urban mass transportation (UMT), financing, investing, tariffs, subsidies
UMT history and development in Prague and other cities in the world. Building and operation of public tram, bus, and trolleybus networks. Underground building and operation. Other UMT types. UMT development in small towns. Particularities of investment and operation financing of individual UMT types. Historic and present models of UMT financing. Transport inspection and blind passengers. Tourism & UMT. UMT typology & choice of optimum financing.
Is it possible to operate UMT without any subsidies? The course looks for the answer to this question by analysing the impact of various historic, present and planned methods of UMT financing both in large conurbations and in small municipalities in the Czech Republic, Europe, and worldwide.