Railway Interlocking Systems

Academic Degree:
Study Programme:
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (N 3710)
Form of Study:
full-time study
Number of Hours:
1 + 1 hours per week - in full-time study
Type of Course:
Semester | Language | Field:
czech, english IS Intelligent Transport Systems - 3711T004
winter english ERASMUS Teaching for foreign students
Course Completion:
credit, exam
Course Tutor:
roh  Lectures:
doc. Ing. Martin Leso, Ph.D.
roh  Training Course:
Ing. Bc. Dušan Kamenický
doc. Ing. Martin Leso, Ph.D.
Supervising Department:
Department of Transport Telematics (16120)
This course reassume on the course "Railway interlocking plants". With basic knowledge about parts Railway interlocking plants, this course describes function and koncept railway interlocking systems. The main aim is observe on modern electronic systems and other systems with high level of railway control automation. Deal of this course will be focused on interoperability of control and command in railway.