Crimes and Offenses in Transport

In connection with the adoption of the amendment to the Act on Road Traffic there have been some changes in the criminal law the purpose of which is to impose a stricter penalty on unruly drivers, thereby increasing security in Czech roads. During the project, the student will focus on selected offenses related to driving (such as driving without a driving license, driving under influence of addictive substances, harm to health and public safety threats, etc.), on comparison of the facts of the crime, amounts of punishment, and further on comparison of transgressions against safety and fluency of road traffic including sanctions imposed, as well as on comparison of the Czech criminal legislation with foreign ones. These legal aspects form a basis for subsequent application in the technical field, including, for example, automatic detection of offenses and criminal offenses or automated restrictions against driving under influence of addictive substances and the like.
Department of Security Technologies and Engineering (16123)
Head of project:
Mgr. Miloslav Kučera
JUDr. Milena Macková

BACHELOR’S Degree Programme
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications - B 3710

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23X1TS | czech | ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems)
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