Consumer behaviour in logistics services with environmental attributes

To support the supply of environmentally friendly services, we will design and validate a tool that will enable companies to employ existing environmental motivation of consumers to stimulate demand for environmentally friendly alternatives of logistics services. We will use the findings of environmental and cognitive psychology and our own experimental research grounded in Random Utility Theory and Campbell''s paradigm to: i) design a method of assessing the environmental motivation of logistics service consumers; and ii) verify it in a pilot laboratory study focusing on choices of individuals between logistic services with different environmental profile, price and other attributes.
Department of Logistics and Management of Transport (16117)
Head of project:
Mgr. Markéta Braun Kohlová, Ph.D. email
Ing. Milan Kříž, Ph.D.
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BACHELOR’S Degree Programme
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications - B1041A040001

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17X1HE | czech | LOG/MED (Logistics and Transport Processes Control / Management and Economics of Transportation and Telecommunications)
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