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Unmanned systems for TUL

The project deals with and solves the complex issue of unmanned aircraft systems with the main focus on integration challenges, i.e. how to safely ensure the operation of unmanned aircraft in the airspace together with traditional manned aviation. The integration challenges address how to identify the part of the airspace for the implementation of U-space, the management structure for coordinated operation in U-space, or setting rules for different U-space airspaces. Due to the need to ensure safety, a large part of the solution is focused on this area and the evaluation of the safe operation. Furthermore, topics related to research on the use of UAS for commercial purposes, the use of various sensors and verification of flight characteristics, research into new and improvements to existing systems for UAS and the area of legislative requirements (European harmonization) are addressed. Emphasis is placed on their own innovative way of solving the problem. The addressed area applies to the national, European and world levels. The aim of the project is to solve both current problems and future strategic development of unmanned aircraft systems. The project coordinator is assoc. prof. Ing. Jakub Kraus, Ph.D.
Department of Air Transport (16121)
Head of project:
Ing. Karel Hylmar
Ing. Adam Kleczatský
doc. Ing. Jakub Kraus, Ph.D.
Ing. Tomáš Tlučhoř
Ing. Daniel Urban

BACHELOR’S Degree Programme
Technology of Aviation Maintenance - B0716A040001

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21X1ZU | czech | B_TUL_CS_spec (Technology of Aviation Maintenance)
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