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Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation

Head:doc. Ing. Vít FÁBERA, Ph.D.
Deputy Head:prof. Ing. Tomáš ZELINKA, CSc.
roh for Education:Ing. Jana KALIKOVÁ, Ph.D.
roh for Projects:Ing. Mgr. Michal JEŘÁBEK, Ph.D.
Secretary: Světlana LESOVÁ
doc. PhDr. Mária JÁNEŠOVÁ, , CSc.

Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation ensures education concerning computer facilities, provides with knowledge from the field of information systems, telecommunication technologies and services of both fixed and mobile telecommunication networks. The mentioned topics are advanced at bachelor, master, and doctoral educating programs.

Fields of department’s research activities:

Creativity models and transportation systems design - Research of non-linear thought processes as analogous and metaphoric cogitation that are neurologically confirmed and dispose of potential for explanation of many drivers´ cogitation aspects and behaviour.

Robotics, cognitive robotics, mobile robots, electrical engineering - The field of robotics, especially with respect on mobile robots and possible applications in transportation, mutual communication, self-organization of mobile robot groups. Modelling of cognitive system abilities, cognitive models verification on robots, applications in the field of thought processes modelling of transport infrastructure users, modelling of receptive abilities and limitations.

Simulation technologies for transport modelling HW and SW - System support and development of untraditional simulation technologies applicable in the field of transport systems modelling as distributed simulation technologies application, distributed calculations on graphical adapters, simulation in heterogeneous computer environment (from the HW and system technologies viewpoint). In terms of simulation technologies, the discrete simulation and soft-computing field are considered. Further, the department focuses on building of HW infrastructure for simulation and compute support of activities in other spheres.

Theoretical and applied informatics, networks and telecommunication technology - Theoretical and applied informatics, informatics in transportation, distributed and parallel data processing, biometry, and transport and intelligent networks. Research and development of network infrastructure for needs of transport and telecommunication applications in fields of conventional metallic, optical, radio, and microwave networks. Information systems in the field of education, training of human resources (or human transport infrastructure users) detection and management. The field of SW safety and reliability analysis in control applications, SW development methods, CASE and CAD tools, modern approach to system modelling. Developing system and conceptual approach to modelling and large information systems building.

Artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences, human operators mental models - Research of artificial intelligence applications (excepting robotics) in transportation, simulation, and advanced creative though processes modelling. Developing new approaches to brain functions modelling. Use of these models for transport modelling and analysing manners how drivers solve unexpected and complicated traffic situations. Optimizing methods and symbolic regression methods by means of genetic algorithms and genetic programming algorithms. Regression models of some more complex transport processes.

Surname Name, degree
Fiala Martin Ing. (full-time studies)
Horák Matyáš Ing. (part-time studies)
Plašilová Alena Ing. (full-time studies)
Procházka Jan Ing. (full-time studies)
Zajíček Martin Ing. (full-time studies)
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Address of the Department
Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation
Konviktská 20
110 00 Praha 1
Post address
CTU in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Department of Applied Informatics in Transportation
Konviktská 20
110 00 Prague

Phone: +420 224 359 531

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