Department of Transport Telematics

Head:prof. Ing. Zdeněk VOTRUBA, CSc.
Deputy Head:Ing. Jindřich SADIL, Ph.D.
Ing. Martin LANGR, Ph.D.
Treasurer:Ing. Milan SLIACKY, Ph.D.
roh for Education:Ing. Jiří RŮŽIČKA
roh for Projects:Ing. Milan SLIACKY, Ph.D.
Secretary: Světlana LESOVÁ

Department of Transport Telematics guarantees and performs education in both compulsory and elective courses on the bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D.’s levels of study and in the student’s projects at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences in five core branches:

  • Theoretic telematics, Systems sciences
  • Traffic control and modeling
  • Identification and navigation systems
  • Safety and reliability of systems, Interlocking systems
  • Human factor in transportation

The education is specifically aimed at the application area of intelligent transport systems and interlocking technologies. The department guarantees study field Intelligent Transport Systems both in bachelor’s and master’s study programme.

Both education and research activities are carried out mainly in laboratories. Joint Laboratory of System Reliability is a common workplace in cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Institute of Computer Science. Other laboratories of the department are Laboratories of: Transport Control and Modelling, Telematics, Railway Interlocking Systems, Electronic Fare Management, Geoinformatical Engineering or Programmable Controllers. The department also provides activities of two independent laboratories: Certification Body for Products - Faculty of Transportation Sciences and Testing Laboratory of Faculty of Transportation Sciences.

Research activities are carried out in cooperation with wide range of local and international partners and are also oriented in the above mentioned areas.

Both employees and students of the department participate in research projects of European Framework Programme, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic or commercial research. This project work is directly integrated in the education structure through project-based education. From 3rd semester of the bachelor’s study program students are involved in research activities in their student’s projects. Work on the student’s project teaches students team work and results in their bachelor’s or master’s thesis. Project leaders are professors, associate professors, assistant professors and experts from research institutions and practices.

All parts of the department are open to all interested people and institutions for future cooperation.

Surname Name, degree
Fuchs Pavel doc. Ing., CSc. (JPP)
Svítek Miroslav prof. Dr. Ing., dr. h. c.
Štikarová Jana PhDr. Mgr., Ph.D. (JPP)
Tichý Tomáš doc. Ing., Ph.D., MBA
Týfa Lukáš doc. Ing., Ph.D. (JPP)
Surname Name, degree
Bureš František Mgr. (part-time studies)
Hlubuček Adam Ing. (part-time studies)
Kamenický Dušan Ing. Bc. (part-time studies)
Kekula František Ing. (full-time studies)
Kouba Petr Ing. Bc. (part-time studies)
Koutecký Petr Ing. (part-time studies)
Mahmoud Zaid Ing. (part-time studies)
Postránecký Michal Ing. arch. (part-time studies)
Rulc Vojtěch Ing. (part-time studies)
Růžička Jiří Ing. (part-time studies)
Tobiška Jaromír Ing. (part-time studies)
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Address of the Department
Department of Transport Telematics
Konviktská 20
110 00 Praha 1
Post address
CTU in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Department of Transport Telematics
Konviktská 20
110 00 Prague

Phone: +420 224 359 547, +420 224 359 548

Fax: +420 224 359 545

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