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Department of Air Transport

Head:doc. Ing. Jakub KRAUS, Ph.D.
Deputy Head:doc. Ing. Bc. Vladimír SOCHA, Ph.D.
roh for Education:Bc. Kristýna CHOVANČÍKOVÁ
roh for Projects:Ing. Michaela KALIVODOVÁ
Secretary: Simona MALCOVÁ

Study at the Department of Air Transport, Faculty of Transportation Sciences, Czech Technical University in Prague offers an education in dynamically developing and highly attractive area of air transport, which belongs together with aeronautics to the top branches utilizing the newest knowledge of science and technology.

Our graduates can earn bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree at prestigious and highly regarded university that ranks among the oldest technical universities in Europe.

There are following study fields available for bachelor’s degree programme: Professional Pilot (PIL), Air Transport (LED) and Technology of Aviation Maintenance (TUL). Department offers master’s degree programme Air Traffic Control and Management (PL) study field, which extends to doctoral degree programme. Our graduates are educated in accordance with applicable European standards, in cooperation with our partners from aviation industry. They can obtain ATPL licence or B category licence for aircraft maintenance technician that are accepted in the EU.

Faculty of Transportation Sciences and its part, the Department of Air Transport, cooperates with many foreign universities in the domain of aviation, where students can complete part of their studies.

The interest in our prestigious aviation study fields made us the leader in aviation education provision at Czech and Slovak aviation university market. Become a student of Department of Air Transport, CTU in Prague and rank among the successful graduates of our aviation study fields who became top experts in civil aviation in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and world-wide!

Surname Name, degree
Ďuk Jiří Ing. (external teacher)
Dzvoník Oliver PhDr., CSc. (external teacher)
Hajla Pavol Ing. (external teacher)
Hajzler Ota Ing. (external teacher)
Hauerová Marie Ing. (external teacher)
Hovorka Pavel Ing. (external teacher)
Kerum Jacek RNDr. (cooperator)
Líkař Petr Ing. (external teacher)
Oniščenko Boris MUDr. (external teacher)
Parýzek Tomáš Ing. (external teacher)
Popek Lukáš , MSc. (external teacher)
Poštová Michala Ing. (external teacher)
Pružina Vladislav Ing., Ph.D. (external teacher)
Řehoř Václav Dr. Ing., MBA (external teacher)
Socha Luboš doc. Ing., Ph.D. et Ph.D.
Svobodová Denisa Ing. (external teacher)
Sýkora Viktor Ing., Ph.D. (external teacher)
Šála Jiří Ing. (external teacher)
Štumper Marek Ing. (external teacher)
Urbanová Marta Mgr., DiS. (external teacher)
Zach Martin Ing. (external teacher)
Žižka Jan  (external teacher)
Surname Name, degree
Bouchal Albert Ing. (full-time studies)
Guskova Natalia Ing. (full-time studies)
Had Petr Ing. (full-time studies)
Hanáková Lenka Ing. (part-time studies)
Chopart Max , MSc. (full-time studies)
Kála Martin Ing. (part-time studies)
Kameníková Iveta Mgr. (part-time studies)
Karapetjan Liana Ing. (full-time studies)
Kleczatský Adam Ing. (full-time studies)
Lán Sébastien Ing. Bc. (part-time studies)
Lipták Tomáš Ing. (part-time studies)
Lukeš Petr Ing. (full-time studies)
Machula Vladimír Ing. (part-time studies)
Malich Tomáš Ing. (part-time studies)
Nosek Jakub Ing. (part-time studies)
Olexa Peter Ing. (full-time studies)
Pilmannová Terézia Ing., MBA (full-time studies)
Steiner Jakub Ing. (full-time studies)
Špák Miroslav Ing. (part-time studies)
Šudoma Marek Ing. (full-time studies)
Topková Tereza Ing. (part-time studies)
Valenta Viktor Ing. (part-time studies)
Vítovec Ondřej Ing. (full-time studies)
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Address of the Department
Department of Air Transport
Horská 3
128 03 Praha 2
Post address
CTU in Prague Faculty of Transportation Sciences
Department of Air Transport
Konviktská 20
110 00 Prague

Phone: +420 224 359 185

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