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Joint Laboratory of System Reliability of the FTS CTU and the Institute of Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of the CR

doc. Ing. Pavel HRUBEŠ, Ph.D.
Workers at FTS:
doc. Ing. Petr BOUCHNER, Ph.D.
Ing. Přemysl DERBEK, Ph.D.
prof. MUDr. Josef FABER, DrSc.
doc. Ing. Stanislav NOVOTNÝ, Ph.D.
prof. Ing. Emil PELIKÁN, CSc.
Ing. Petr SVOBODA, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Václav ŠEBESTA, DrSc.
doc. Ing. Tomáš TICHÝ, Ph.D., MBA


The Joint Laboratory of System Reliability (LSR) was established at the Faculty of Transportation Sciences (FTS) CTU in Prague within the support programme for the development of research in universities by a decision made by the Minister of Education, Youth and Sports CR. Its main activity was focused on the project of the MEYS No. VS 96038 “Signals, Processes, and Factors of Reliability in Complicated Systems, especially in Transportation”. This five-year project was launched in 1996 and finished in 2000.

Due to the extraordinary importance of the issues of reliability and safety of systems in transportation, and their interaction with human factors, an agreement was established in the second half of 1996 between the FTS and the Institute of Computer Science, AS CR. This agreement led to the systematic development of the theory of tolerances, and advanced information technology. Under this agreement, the LSR has continued as the joint specialized laboratory of both institutions.

The Joint Laboratory of System Reliability accommodates more than 45 researchers, including students, from both institutions. The joint laboratory has established its premises in the building of the FTS CTU in Konviktská Street 20, Prague 1 and at the premises of the ICS, AS CR in Prague 8, Pod vodárenskou věží 2.

The Joint Laboratory of System Reliability also forms the Czech national main hub for neuroinformatics and it also cooperates with other domestic and foreign scientific institutions. Projects solved in cooperation with these institutions included issues of predictive diagnostics for aircraft jet engines or urban and long-distance transportation systems. Recently, close attention has been paid to the issues of reliability of the interaction of human factors with artificial systems (e.g. detection, analysis, prediction and prevention of attention deficit and the so-called microsleep, especially in drivers of motor vehicles). Last but not least, a project within the Programme in International Neuroinformatics (PIN) under the OECD Global Science Forum is being solved with much cooperation.

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110 00 Praha 1, Konviktská 20

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