Course Code:
Academic Degree:
Study Programme:
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (B 3710)
semesterlanguagestudy field / specialization
3czechcommon part of studies
3czechPIL Professional Pilot - 3708R030
3czechTUL Technology of Aviation Maintenance - 3708R033
Form of Study:
full-time and part-time
Number of Hours:
2 + 2 hours per week - in full-time study
18 hours per semester - in part-time study
Type of Course:
Course Completion:
credit, exam
Course Tutor:
roh  Lectures:
doc. Ing. RNDr. Kurt Fišer, CSc.
RNDr. Zuzana Malá, Ph.D.
Ing. Tomáš Vítů, Ph.D.
roh  Training Course:
doc. Ing. RNDr. Kurt Fišer, CSc.
Mgr. Marek Honců, Ph.D.
RNDr. Zuzana Malá, Ph.D.
RNDr. Ing. Jindřich Šachl, Ph.D.
Ing. Tomáš Vítů, Ph.D.
roh  Part-time Study:
doc. Ing. RNDr. Kurt Fišer, CSc.
Supervising Department:
Department of Applied Mathematics (16111)
Newton's laws, particles, systems of particles, rigid body, oscillations, fluids, mechanical waves, 1st law of thermodynamics, 2nd law of thermodynamics, entropy, gravitational field.
Kinematics, particle dynamics, dynamics of particle systems and rigid body. Continuum mechanics, thermodynamics.
Completion and solution of equations of motion for simple cases of particle motion, particle systems, rigid bodies and continuum element. Energy conservation, equations of hydrodynamics.