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Crisis Management for Engineering Branches

Course Code:
Academic Degree:
Study Programme:
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications (N 3710)
semesterlanguagestudy field / specialization
3czech flagLA Logistics and Transport Processes Control - 3708T046
Form of Study:
full-time and part-time
Number of Hours:
2 + 0 hours per week - in full-time study
10 hours per semester - in part-time study
Type of Course:
Course Completion:
classified credit
Course Tutor:
roh  Lectures:
Ing. Lenka Michalcová, Ph.D.
roh  Part-time Study:
Ing. Lenka Michalcová, Ph.D.
Supervising Department:
Department of Security Technologies and Engineering (16123)
crisis management; critical situations sources; response solving; supports for response
Human system. Assets, terms, concept and safety management aims. Causes and consequences of disasters. Safety management. Crisis management-its aims, demands, roles, principles, specifics and comparidon with the EU and NATO. Organisational, personal, legislative, finance, material and technical provision. The IZS role. Planning. Protection of public and critical infrastructure. Problem solving.
The aim is to obtain knowledge on crisis management and to know its priority tasks and its differences from current management types, organisational, personal, legislative, finance, material and technical provision, principles of protection of public and critical infrastructure, and roles of individual stakeholders with look to technical engineers.