Economic Policy in Transportation

The following topic will be solved in the student project: Strategic decision-making and policies in the field of transport development and transport infrastructure, Financing and regulation of transport infrastructure and transport projects, including project management issues (case studies, PPP projects), Tendering and competition in the transport sector and the impact of the competitive environment on the sector development, including case studies; Economic efficiency and effectiveness in the implementation of transport projects and its evaluation. Students will elaborate on case studies and system analysis within individual topics. The student activity will also include cooperation with experts and practitioners (key companies in the transport sector and public administration, cooperation with foreign universities and foreign companies) with the possibility of internships and further engagement.
Department of Logistics and Management of Transport (16117)
Head of project:
Ing. Rudolf F. Heidu, Ph.D.
Ing. Olga Mertlová, Ph.D.
prof. Ing. Václav Skurovec, CSc.

BACHELOR’S Degree Programme
Technology in Transportation and Telecommunications - B1041A040001

Code | Language | Study field:
17X1HP | czech | LOG/MED (Logistics and Transport Processes Control / Management and Economics of Transportation and Telecommunications)
List of elective courses:
There is no elective courses for study.
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