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prof. Ing. Zdeněk Votruba, CSc.

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Working place:
K507 - Konviktská 20, Praha
Position at CTU:
Deputy head / Certification Body for Products - FTS / FTS
Member of Scientific Council / FTS
Certification Body for Products - Faculty of Transportation Sciences (16201)
Editorial Office of Neural Network World journal

Course supervisor in doctoral study:

20SYA - System Analysis
20SYAP - System Analysis

Lecturer in the Bachelor's and Master's degree programme:

20Y2TE - Technology of Electronic Systems

Supervisor of doctoral students:

Ing. Filip Kotas
Ing. Juraj Majera

Head of student project:

Technology for close space
  16X1BS - Bachelor's Degree Programme

* information comes from a university database V3S

* information comes from a university database V3S